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Locate Us

Want to know where to find us next? Click here to read more about where our next Toast or Roast is popping-up!

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About Us

Toast is our thing. But not just any toast… pretty f*cking good toast. We take all the ingredients, skill, finesse and twiddly-bits of fine dining,..

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The PFGT Menu

Check out our menu of Pretty F*ckin Good Toast for this month made with exquisite ingredients sourced from top quality suppliers, topped on white sourdough bread.

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The ChefA little something about who we are

David Darmanin, our toaster-in-chief, started out 19 years ago cooking for the homeless in Malta. After studying culinary arts and hospitality management, he became a food writer by day and restaurant chef-owner by night. Years passed before Restaurant Noma finally gave in to his constant whining and took him on for a stint, which we firmly believe he hated – but still brags about it to pretty much every new person he meets...

GalleryOur Pretty F*ckin Good Toast & events Images: Stephanie Galea