PFGWorld Tour: The word

Don’t call anyone a c*nt in New York. It’s offensive. Even if you say the word without addressing it to anyone in particular. Just don’t say the word, ever. So if, say, you’re fixing a drain pipe and a slip of hand leads to black water squirting in your face, don’t say the word.

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PFG World Tour. Day 1: Malta (?)

by: David Darmanin

If you’re into boating too, you’ll probably know what a gunwale is. Handling ropes on a barge shouldn’t be dangerous, but gunwales make it so. A 10cm-wide slippery and slopey steel ledge is meant to be your only stepping ground while manoeuvring these 15-ton beasts through the locks. Every other boat-dweller I know, even the deftest and with the whitest of beards, has at some point (or regularly) taken a plunge into the canal. But I haven’t. I’m particularly proud of this unlikely fact, especially seeing that my clumsiness is of international repute. When the fall happens, because it will, the humiliation is sure to crush me before hypothermia, or Legionnaires.

Similarly, I had never missed a flight before yesterday. And I’m really someone who would have. I’ve turned up at check-in desks half an hour after ETD to learn that flights were delayed and I’d make it anyway.

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Beer and Toast, a Match Made in Heaven

On November 4th, 7 pm – 10 pm Pretty F*cking Good Toast will join We Brought Beer for an evening of toast and beer pairings. Hosted at their Clapham Junction location:  78 St. Johns Hill, Battersea, SW11 1SP.

Tickets for the event are priced at £22.50.   Please book your tickets Here.

Those who are familiar with our gourmet toppings will recognize some of their favorites in the menu below:

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“Your all Cunts”

The Facebook post came from a junior cook from Devon, and it was the first thing I read this morning. I found it on a closed group called “Chefs Arse” – made up of some 35k chefs finding comfort in taking industry frustrations online. I’m one of them cunts finding that sort of thing diverting.

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