David Darmanin, our toaster-in-chief, started out 19 years ago cooking for the homeless in Malta. After studying culinary arts and hospitality management, he became a food writer by day and restaurant chef-owner by night. Years passed before Restaurant Noma finally gave in to his constant whining and took him on for a stint, which we firmly believe he hated – but still brags about it to pretty much every new person he meets.

David moved to London via cooking a lot of pasta in Italy. After sampling the street food scene here, he packed up his wooden spoons and hasn’t looked back.

David now spends his time doing consultancy jobs for restaurants, food stalls, the Ministry of Culture in Malta, Retigo s.r.o. and Tesco, as well as BBQing at breweries and growing his impressive beard.

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Toaster-in-chief, David Darmanin

PFGT's David Darmanin in action


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